Dog Vs. Homework

"Student homeworks across the city cower at the mere mention of your name!" — Your Teacher

Love dogs but hate doing homework? Let your dogs do all your homework for you! Score millions of A+’s without even lifting a pencil in this all new idle game. You'll be an A+ student in no time!

Peacefree Tactical Warfare

"Peace-what? Never heard of 'em. Yer not one of them cultish movements, are you?" — Micium Farmer

Peacefree Tactical Warfare is an all-new Tile-Based Real Time Strategy game. You command an entire army of anthropomorphic creatures, in their quest to liberate the galaxy of Miroda against the hordes of enemy invaders.

Peacefree: ILA

"Say it with me — Peace-free... Sigh~ It's okay. Everybody gets it wrong the first time... Anyways, we're currently looking for new recruits!" — Gram Haverschine

Peacefree: Intergalactic Liberation Army is an earlier version of Peacefree. The story revolves around Lineus Vurr, a catlike creature called a Feleon, whose planet was just enslaved by the evil Virpuris. Having nowhere else to go, Lineus meets the mysterious Claire Fayeth, a foxlike Vulfaine, and Gram Haverschine, a big gray mouse-man called a Micium, who recruits him to become part of the liberation army Peacefree.